Friday, November 30, 2012

AddMeFast Youtube Like Script

If you know what Addmefast is then I have sort of a little treat for you, I have managed to find a script which works with the Youtube video likes section. In theory you should let it run and it should build you up points. It must be run in Firefox and I know at the moment it can be a little buggy with it randomly closing Firefox. If anyone wants to re-write the script and I could re-up it then be my guest but for the moment it does work and it does get you points quick

You need for this Script


Download Here
Password: filemans

New Facebook Page

We have now been running a little while and currently trying to promote our new Facebook page, hopefully soon we will be running a few competitions where we will give some scripts and bots away but I would like to hit 1000 followers first! We are grateful for every like we receive!

Also stay tuned for our freebie weekend that should without any problems be coming very very soon