Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest Unfollow Script

If you are stuck with the amount of followers you have or you just want to remove all the ones you have then we have a simple free iMacro to unfollow all users. Just place it in your iMacro folder and play it on loop until you are not following anyone!

Link for iMacro Script


Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best Instagram Popular Tags

A free way to get alot more likes is to tag every picture with as many tags as possible, above are a few of the most popular tags at the moment, with these you can add them to your picture and it should bring alot more traffic to your pictures with people who are searching. This is a great place to start on getting a lot of likes and developing followers

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Instagram Maximum 250 Likes Per Hour Script

With Instagram starting to get big on banning bots and auto scripts we are starting to find more and more issues, they have recently changed the maximum like settings per hour from 5000 to 250 which is a massive drop. This has caused most bots and scripts to not function correctly

Well I have made a script that can be used with webstagram that will allow 250 likes per hour, it is a variation of the script posted earlier just with an edited wait time and the maximum amount of like put into it

You need to use Firefox or Google Chrome

Add the extension called iMacro

Head on over to and log in

Download the script to run in iMacro here
Mirror Link

Place file in Documents>iMacros>macros

Now in Firefox or chrome open iMacro and right click on the script that you have placed in there and click edit

once you are editing the script replace "YOURHASHTAGHERE" with what ever hash tag you wish to use, you can also copy and paste the script and use as many hash tags as you like. This has the adjusted wait time for the maximum 250 likes per hour

This script now only works in Firefox!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Instagram Bot Working

Here we bring you another Instagram bot, this time around it is much more basic than previous bots but it gets the job done. Instagram is currently clamping down on bots and scripts and there are very few that are left working unless you are willing to pay lots of money. However this is confirmed working!

Download it Here
Mirror Link

Happy liking and please take the time to like us on Facebook where we regularly update for the latest bots and scripts

Free Instgram Bot

I have had lots of questions recently about people asking what the best bots are to use both free and paid, now in my eyes nothing comes close to Xgram if you are looking for the best paid bot which will cost you $97 and it does absolutely everything and this is not xgram bot

Now if you are looking for a free bot then this one is the best I have, it features targeted likes, targeted follows and targeted comments. It is easy to use and allows simple automation of comments, likes and follows and allows the use of multiple accounts

You will need two files

No Longer working

Once downloaded extract the bot and then run the program, it will ask you for a few things at first just leave them blank and press ok and you are ready to get some followers

The liking process still works for me on this bot although it can be a bit buggy sometimes, by far the best